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Private Tutoring

Peace of Mind offers individual and small group tutoring across academic, social and emotional areas. 


Individual and small group tutoring services are provided from experienced, certified and highly qualified educators and subject specific specialists.  Feedback, observations suggestions and strategies are provided in writing after each session. These services are provided in 60 minute sessions starting at $65.00/hour.

Whether you are the parent of an elementary, middle or high school student or if you are a local Carolina Gamecock, Peace of Mind is a fun, safe and comfortable environment providing services to students of all ages & abilities. 

Support & Coaching

At Peace of Mind, we recognize that success in and out of the classroom often requires more than direct academic instruction. We are staffed with experts in the areas of executive functioning, organizational support, instructional and self-advocacy strategies, test taking skills, ADHD coaching & support services. 


Having an educational professional available to assist with the navigation of online platforms, provide strategies for organization and support communication between student's home and school is just what is needed to encourage and to foster a more successful education experience for students of all ages.

These services are provided in 60 minute sessions starting at $65.00/hour.




advocacy & consulting

Several staff members at Peace of Mind are certified Special Educators, ADHD Coaches, Autism Service providers, Orton Gillingham and Science of Reading trained educators as well as Nationally Recognized Exceptional Needs Specialists.  

In addition to offering academic and learning style screenings for autism attention and learning differences, we are happy to guide children and families through educational advocacy, IEP/504 meetings as well as plan development and educational advocacy. 

We also provide individual and parent consultation, helping students learn the best ways to self- advocate and helping parents to better navigate educational systems. These services are provided in 60 minute sessions starting at $65.00/hour.

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