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Sunnyside Academy Micro School

Sunnyside Academy is a private micro school located within Peace of Mind.  Established in 2021, Sunnyside is a close knit and highly individualized community of learners.  We offer a 4:1 student teacher ratio and provide instruction focusing on academic growth, community engagement, character education and social emotional learning.

We value the belief that all children are deserving of a safe, structured environment where their needs can be met through multiple instructional modalities and where respect of the whole child is recognized, acknowledged and appreciated. With our micro school model we are able to meet each student where they are and from there create an individualized plan to foster personal annual growth. 

The face of education has been and continues to change.  Covid exasperated this in many ways.  Students, teachers, parents and the entire educational system feel this strain. Micro schools are a progressive and expanding option for families nationally.

Within our micro school setting we strive to meet the specific needs of all learners so that your child will be learning and meeting the same academic goals as their peers in public and in private schools.  The personal setting of a micro school allows for extended supplemental instruction across many academic and non-academic areas.

We value and desire a diverse group of learners.  Having a small group setting enables educators to meet all the needs of every child through multiple instructional modalities, learning strategies, supplemental support and extended practice of skills where there is individualized interest or a need for extra practice. 


We prioritize  academic and social emotional development, character education, play based learning, hands on experiences and community service and involvement. Our intent is to meet each student where they are, provide exceptional instruction with respect to multiple learning and instructional styles and to guide annual growth for all of our students .

With the unique capability of having a 4:1 student teacher ratio,  student's individualized needs are able to be met on a daily basis.  Our teachers are experienced, certified and trained educators.  You will have the confidence of knowing your child is working with an expert in their field.  If there are areas where additional expertise is needed, we provide this privately in individualized or small group formats and include this in the price of tuition.  




Why Choose Sunnyside? 

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