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What is a Microschool Anyway?

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

As our microschool continues to grow and develop we receive lots of questions about how a microschool actually works. Are the kids really in school? What does it cost? How do we find more information? How many kids attend? Who are the teachers? Can anyone teach? Does it really count as school?

All of these questions are great questions to ask and the answers to these questions are very important. A microschool option isn't for everyone but for some kids, it's an educational model that is a perfect fit.

Microschool revolution answers the following generalized questions below:

What are microschools?
Microschools are the result of rethinking the traditional educational model to better prepare children for the future. They are small, private institutions where students are empowered to personalize their own educations and are held accountable for their own progress. Often described as "outsourced homeschooling," they are free from the bureaucracy, standardized tests, and mandatory curriculum that defines today's public school system. Microschools tend to be efficiently run, and student engagement is remarkably high.

Why a microschool?
.....Motives for entering the world of personalized education vary. Some people want to escape the inefficiencies of the public system. Others want to give better opportunities to their children. Many want to make a meaningful career nurturing young minds.

What about accreditation?
Accreditation's primary purpose is to facilitate the transfer of credits from one school to another, primarily in the public system. This obviously comes in handy with college applications, particularly when obtaining college credit for classes taken in high school. While many private schools are accredited, it's not required. In the event that a child transfers from a non-accredited school to a public school, they'll be tested and assigned to the appropriate grade level. Some people are surprised to learn that anyone can open their doors and operate as a private school. Aside from basic business filings, there are no credentials or certifications required, no bureaucratic hoops you need to jump through, to begin impacting kids' lives in a very real way. Vetting schools is what parents are for.

At Sunnyside Academy, we have an Elementary program and also a Middle/High school program. Our 6-12 program utilizes a balance of virtual and direct instruction with an accredited online program to ensure all of our older students are meeting and exceeding any requirements for course credit they may encounter.

Here are some additional informational articles about microschools:

If you'd like more information about Sunnyside Academy, the micro school operating within Peace of Mind, feel free to email or call at or (803) 920 -9258

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